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Take a look at the exhibitions that Kelemwa Fida has had all over the world.


Sri Lanka, Colombo


At the start of Kelemwa Fida's Artistic journey, she discovered her passion in Sri Lanka, Colombo. Here she wielded her craft and held her first Art Exhibition in 2012.

Click Here to see this exhibition.

Jordan, Amman

"Created beautifully in His own time"

Growing in her artistry, Kelemwa was inspired by the vast difference in Ammans beige landscape. Eager to paint a new perspective, she held her second exhibition in 2015.

Click here to see this exhibition.


Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

"Created beautifully in His own time"

After years of travelling and painting, Kelemwa settled back home. It was a dream for her to hold an exhibition in her homeland; and so, she held her third exhibition in 2020.

Click here to see this exhibition.

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