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The Kelem Art Gallery also has household and personal accessories available. This includes interior design decorations, personal items (bonnets, slippers, hairbands), leather bags, bed sheets, carpets and more. 

Take a look at some accessories we currently have available below.


Flower Pots

We have various colors and sizes of little flower pots. Some of them have arrangements of fake or real flowers depending on the item. The pot itself is also hand made. 

Art Cards

If you want a card with Kelemwa Fida's Art, we sell small cards and posters. These are copies of her previous artwork that has been sold.


Coaster  Set

This wood is hand made and decorated with hand painted flowers and designs. We have a range of items from tea leaf holders, napkin holders, coasters, and more.

Clay Vase Sets

We have several clay vases, some of them are painted in bright or dark colors. Each is from a vase set family that has been hand painted with matching flower designs.



We have two sizes of notebooks, one small and one medium size. Each have a printed cover of Kelemwa Fida's artwork.

Plant Vases

We have a variety of real plants and flowers put into beautifully painted vases and pots. Some are individual, and some are set pieces.

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